Installation Instructions

The first thing you want to consider when installing your canopy is where you would like your shell to mount in relation to your ROPS. The universal brackets (which hold the struts in position ) can be clamped to the ROPS in about 6 different positions. Mode A attaches to the back of the ROPS leg with the ear looking forward  either turned in or (looking out. ROPS under 26" wide) Mode B attaches to the front of the ROPS leg with the ear looking forward. Mode C attaches to the back side of the ROPS with the ear looking backwards. Mode D mounts to the ROPS in the folded back position using the center bracket hole.

Mode A should allow the shell back to be just in front or just over the ROPS top. The shell can slide 8" for & aft on the struts.

Mode B is best considered when the ROPS lean forward and you want the struts below the ROPS top.

Mode C is best considered on Zero turn mowers where the ROPS lean severely forward. With the shell moved aft on the struts this puts the shell in the best position over the operator. Can be used on any ROPS that is straight up to forward leaning. The struts will go over the top of the ROPS.

IF YOUR ROPS leans between straight up to backward , use MODE A mounting with racket leg against back of ROPS leg and ear looking forward.

IF YOUR ROPS leans 15 degrees back or forward use MODE B mounting with the bracket leg against the ROPS face and ear looking forward.

IF YOUR ROPS is straight up to severely forward slanting use MODE C with the bracket against the ROPS back and the ear looking backward.

MODE "D" ROPS POSITION is when your ROPS are in the folded back hinge position and stabilized. The Mode D bracket has an extra 3/8" hole. The bracket can sit on the top or bottom of the ROPS leg with the ear looking up..

STEP 1 Place your machine on a level surface & have equal tire pressure side to side.
STEP 2 Determine bracket position & U bolt to ROPS leg. Approximately 12" down from where
you want the bottom of the shell to be. Do both sides. Insert 2” x 4” screen wire strip
between ROPS leg & bracket face. This keeps bracket from twisting under load.
(See TIPS Sheet.)
STEP 3 Attach strut to bracket ear top hole with 3/8" bolt, (2) washers and locking nut. Pivot
strut to level position and tighten. Bottom 3/8 hole is never used. Its purpose is to
make    the bracket universal right to left or flipped backward. Drill a FINAL POSITION
1/4" hole thru the ear using the strut hole as a drill guide. After marking the hole
good    you might want to drill a starter hole with a smaller drill bit. Using a clamp to hold the
strut to the ear while drilling insures it doesn't move. Insert a 1/4" bolt, (2) washers
and lock nut & snug tighten. Adjust the strut for final    height and tighten U bolt.
STEP 4 Repeat the procedure on the other side. Make sure the second strut is level side to side
and front to back with the first and tighten U bolt.
STEP 5 Position the shell on the struts, center side to side and either in the forward or back
position as you desire. Put weight on the shell or better yet C clamp the shell to
the struts. Two clamps Is sufficient. The shell must be positioned so that when you drill, your bolt will
be in a flat area of the shell with room for the large fender washer. Drill a 3/8 " hole through the strut
& insert a 1/4" bolt & large fender washer down thru from the top, put a washer & locking nut on.
Repeat on other side and then finish other holes in same manner. Just snug the nuts, the shell needs
to be able to expand & contract with temperature change.
STEP 6 Tighten all bracket bolts very tight. You are finished - enjoy the ride.

WATCH THIS INSTALLATION VIDEO FIRST on a Zeroturn mower in C Mode it will make this much more understandable. 

If your bracket rests against the
hinge omit the wire.


Sitting on your seat hold a strut over your head at the desired height ( 7” is a good
height ) ( A helper would be useful ) Mark where the tail of the strut hits the ROPS
leg. Clamp a straight edge (pc of wood etc.) across the ROPS legs to form a
temporary seat for the brackets to sit on while you attach the brackets. Make this
temporary seat parallel to the ROPS top. Placing the brackets on the straight edge
guarantees a straight job. Later you can finalize your bracket(s) position up and
down if you want to change the head room..
Attach your struts with the 3/8” bolts. Swing your strut up with a level on top &
clamp the strut to the bracket with a vise grip pliers from the bottom or a small C
clamp over the top out of the way where you will drill. Highly recommend you use a
variable speed drill - center the hole with a 1/4” drill - remove & drill a smaller
starter hole thru then finish with the 1/4” drill. Put bolt in & tighten. Duplicate the
other side after you are sure its level both ways.
I recently purchased a new FERRIS IS700Z 52” deck and it is awesome. Some
observations I have made is its easy to forget you now have a canopy above you,
particularly when your looking down most of the time.. I like to see the canopy shell
installed as far back as possible. It keeps it farther away from trouble. There is a
temptation to try to pivot around a trees base. Its a good way to wipe the side of the
shell into a limb. As best I could, I took my chain saw & trimmed the lower branches
up above the canopy height. I think they even look better. Then I tried to figure out
what was the best distance to stay away from each tree. You can usually get pretty
close if you come at the tree from the side. Four times. One great advantage to the
RhinoHide is small branches just deflect over the top. (No paint to mess up)
Guy wires can be canopy killer. Driving under them takes all your
concentration. SLOW DOWN!