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USA This canopy at $254.95 plus $40 shipping is a great value.
 The Sun Guard is not brand specific, it doesn’t
much care whose ROPS it attaches to.

Sun Guard 
Sun Guard

It is so nice having cover while I am mowing and not have to worry about too much sun exposure. I love my Sun Guard tractor roof. Eric Glosser

 From time to time over the past six years we have sold on ebay. Over that time we have collected around 500 100% positive Feedback

 I want to thank you for the prompt shipping & a great product at a very reasonable price. I installed the canopy on my Mahindra 2015 HST with zero problems & a minimum of effort. The canopy looks great & really accents the tractors looks & versatility. Once again thanks.

Paul J. Michaud

It was easy to install, it took only about 30 minutes. My wife helped to hold the brackets & top while I was installing it. I’m real glad that I found your company & then purchased it from you. Thank you again.

C. Irwin OH.

Hi everyone. I installed a Sun Guard Canopy on my John Deere 5203. It is an awesome product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants shade. J. Hippard IL.

  WOW...could you have made it any easier? It took exactly 21 minutes to breach the shipping box

( which took about 5 of them ) & install the canopy on the Kubota.

   I never had to crack open the instructions.

  It was drizzling rain but I was so excited to get it, I parked in front of the garage door & ducked in & out of the rain to put it on.... And it went so quick I didn’t even get wet!   

   This is an awesome ( and simple ) alternative to paying the big bucks for a factory top from Kubota, or even any of the aftermarket tops that are on the market. The next day I tapped into the existing wiring & installed LED lights on the back of the canopy.

   I would highly recommend one of these canopies for anybody wanting to get out of the sun or weather for their tractor or mower. The quality of your work is a direct reflection of you.   Dave Ackers

Dave  must be a remarkable guy, I couldn’t have duplicated that even with my 5 years experience.